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Make her want you!

You know how they say women like bad boys and how they always run to them. They might have the best husband, boyfriend or whatever, but once a guy, who … Continue Reading

Where to meet girls

Where Are All the Women?

Where to Meet Women/Girls Men often have bad experiences with finding women because they are looking in the wrong places at the wrong time and the wrong way. Here is … Continue Reading

what attracts women

Top 10: What really attracts women

What really attracts women? Try this… Ask your girl friends what attracts them to men, what they find most fascinating and I bet you everything I got you won’t get the same answer. … Continue Reading

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How not to act on a date

I was putting an article  together about how to act on a date and I will post it, but in the meantime check out this video I came across recently. This … Continue Reading

how to attract a woman

What Attracts Women

If you want to know what attracts women, just read what they told me. Make no mistake about it; men have a firm place in every woman’s life. They talk … Continue Reading


Avoid any awkward silence

What to say to a woman I’ve seen this happen to a lot of us. You can actually feel it’s about to happen. It’s impending doom. You have a conversation with … Continue Reading

what attracts women

From an average guy to a ROCKSTAR

How to be attractive to women If you approach any hot woman and start to talk to her, you’re going to notice one thing immediately – she will be testing … Continue Reading

what attracts women: flirting

Flirting is an art. Learn to be better at it!

Flirting It has been proven that it takes from 90 seconds to 4 minutes for a woman to decide if she likes a man or not. But it has a lot to … Continue Reading

how to find a girlfriend

How to find a girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend How to find a girlfriend? What actually attracts women? How to be a ROCKSTAR with girls? I get asked these question a lot so I am going … Continue Reading


Steps to making out – PART II

Making Out You learned few tips about how to get her to make out with you in the first part. Let’s continue… Now what attracts women big time is when … Continue Reading